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Teachers and Students

Children's Art at the Capitol

The State Capitol has a designated area for unframed artwork from K-12 school groups.  Various student groups have submitted work for view by the public.  To request permission to display artwork from your K-12 school group, contact your legislative representative.  Your representative will sponsor your request and be responsible for obtaining the necessary approval from the Joint Rules Committee. 

Glossary and Legislative Terms

Legislative terms for Committees and legislative actions.

Visit the State Capitol

Historical information on the State Capitol, visiting hours and and how to reserve a group tour.

Legislative Process

How your idea becomes a bill and the law making process. 

Contact Your Assembly Representative

Find your Assembly representative to let them know your ideas or views about state legislation and to assist you in accessing state services.  You may also ask your Assembly representative about special publications that are available to learn more about your state Assembly and the legislative process.

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