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Officers of the California State Assembly

The Speaker, Speaker pro Tempore, Assistant Speaker pro Tempore, the Majority and Minority Floor Leaders are chosen from the membership of the House. The Chief Clerk and the Sergeant at Arms are not Members of the Legislature.

Speaker Honorable Anthony Rendon
Speaker pro Tempore Honorable Christopher Ward
Assistant Speaker pro Tempore Honorable Stephanie Nguyen
Majority Leader Honorable Eloise Gómez Reyes
Assistant Majority Leader Honorable Gregg Hart
Assistant Majority Leader for Policy and Research Honorable Matt Haney
Majority Whip Honorable Lori Wilson
Assistant Majority Whip Honorable Josh Lowenthal
Assistant Majority Whip Honorable Pilar Schiavo
Democratic Caucus Chair Honorable Mike Gipson
Republican Leader Honorable James Gallagher
Chief Clerk Sue Parker
Chief Sergeant at Arms Alisa Buckley
Chaplain Imam Mohammad “Yasir” Khan 

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